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ICN Awards – I didn’t win, but I still have the Nomination!

I reflect on my 2015 Webcomic Award Nomination, from Irish Comic News

Jack is thankful for being nominated Best Webcomic 2015, by ICN, even if he didn't win it.

Jack – and I – give thanks, to everyone who voted for Between * Wars as Best Webcomic 2015

Ah well. I was being realistically optimistic about winning the best webcomic 2015 Award for my Between * Wars comic. After all, I’m pretty new on the Irish Comics scene. I only raised by head above the parapet this year and went  out and actually met other creators! Continue reading


B*W: My Comic Production Process #2

An updated look at the production process of my comic. The previous blog post about the process « can be seen here.


“Where do you get your ideas?”

That most often asked question… The « Peace-keeper strip idea came to me in a flash, as usual, but this time as I walked with my wife, Gabby from one building to another. In the space of 5 or 10 seconds. I mentioned a kid who used to be in school with me, and suddenly I had the concept of the whole strip in my head. Some dialogue and lot of images.

Developing the idea – scribbles

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B*W: The Disintegrator Rifle

This is the illustration that made my mind up that I had to do this comic. It was terrific fun to do and it really cast my mind right back into childhood.

comic character design

Click for Large version »

Wear and Tear

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B*W: My Comic Production Process

The basic production process of my comic strips.

The drawing and layout and lettering process starts with sketches. As you can see, after I sketched it, I had a go at a some bits in ink as a sort of dry-run. This is rare. Now take a look at the next few stages of production. I’ll do Blog posts in the future detailing each stage as separate articles.

Rough Sketch

sketch_as-seen-tv001Above: Pencil sketching the concept and layout on A4 copy-paper


Full-size pencils and inks


Above: Full size blue-pencil and ink on A3 Bristol Board

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Pg.4: The ‘Incident’

< page 3 | page 5 >

IMG comic - clive on the phone to a client

< page 3 | page 5 >

Art Notes

Jamming it all in

I bit off more than I could chew with this page. Remember on the < last page I seem to have learned all of these important nuggets of wisdom via trial and error? You’d think that all the trouble I ended up going to with revisions would have taught me something? Not so.

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Get the drawing right – first!

Well, I just learned a valuable lesson – that never should have had to be learned:

Get the drawing right first– before proceeding to colour.

I know I’m not the first or only person to make the mistake of thinking:
“It’s good enough, it’ll all come out great when it’s coloured.” Wrongggggg.

So this morning, I went to the considerable trouble of re-doing last week’s page 3 of the comic [See the differences below]. It’s more than changing the drawing, you have to patch the new bits into the page – erase the old bits of line and colour and tone, and redo all the flats and other colours and tones for those areas. Hours of work!

So, lesson to me: Don’t rush – it’s a false economy – more haste = more waste!page3-fixups-comparison

Oh, and there’s another thing: I should get some proper model sheets done. Clive, from all angles and and with lots of different facial expressions. I suppose this is why Disney and Pixar like to sculpt 3d models of their characters for the animators to refer to in-the-round.

Pg.2: Monday[s]

< page 1 | page 3 >IMG comic: Clive awakens on Monday crapping morning< page 1 | page 3 >

So here it is, page 2. Drum-roll…. Ta da!

I hope you were surprised by the twist that this page has taken so soon into the story, and that it strikes a chord w… No, actually. I hope it doesn’t. I hope you like getting up each Monday morning and going to the job you love. There’s nothing quite like going to bed on a Sunday evening with a smile on your face, and springing back out of bed at 7am knowing you’ll be doing fun, interesting work which people will enjoy – especially kids.



There’s such a stylistic difference between this and the < previous one! But, it’s early days yet and I’m still learning. Continue reading

Pg. 1: “It’d be soooo… easy!”

 | page 2 >

IMG comic page

| page 2 >

So here it is – the very first ever page of the comic! Now I must make sure to do one a week. It’s funny, I did a version of this page about a year ago that took me days and days and DAYS to create. Very detailed, fancy, too complicated stylistically. So it all went on the back-burner. The week before last I tried simplifying things – and succeeded to an extent. But as I coloured away in Photoshop, the embellishments crept in: a shadow here, a skin tone there, here a highlight – there a highlight – everywhere a highlight. Old MacDon…

I’m new to this so I mustn’t expect instant greatness from myself. What will Clive do next we wonder..?

I hope you enjoy my new venture!
– John