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Those Creme-de-la-creme jobs

I was walking back from bringing my son to school this morning and I finally got the chance to chat with the postman who I’ve seen on his morning round for many, many years.

I’ve always envied him – especially over the last couple of years – seeing him rushing from house to house. He has a bicycle and does that postie thing; you know, throwing his leg over as the bike is moving. He even he has a Norman Wisdom hairstyle. Old school. Think 1950s.

When he’s not biking from street to street, he’s jogging and vaulting over dividing walls and railings to get from one door to the next. Like a teenager. Continue reading

Like the real thing


Ah… memories

When I started to draw some new comic pages a couple of years ago, it gave me a bit of a shock. How hard it was to do!

When I was a kid, bashing out comics on folded-over A4 sheets in my bedroom – it was just so easy.

Bish – bash – bosh: 30minutes [or less probably] Job  Done!

It wasn’t just the fact that my critical faculties were childish, or that I didn’t plan it in thumbnail form – figure out the layout – the action – the text – the placement of the text – the flow of the action and panels; didn’t care what type of pen I used; didn’t bother with a ruler for the panel frames; no.

It was just that I was happy in myself about the quality of the work. It was all fun, no pressure. Just for me and a few friends.

Wind forward 30+ years! Now, there’s the whole world that must be impressed! Especially with the internet, there’s more competition. You can’t really try to look like a big fish in a small pond anymore. And you’re a proper artist. Which means: Continue reading