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Hyping the hyperbole

I recently saw this illustration that I did a few years ago and it still makes me laugh.

I love the top tagline and the credits most of all

I love the top tagline and the credits most of all

“Hey, I love that: John’s affectionately poking fun at all those wonderful 1950’s Sci-Fi B-movies.”.

No I’m not. I’m pouring – heaping – avalanching scorn on an absolutely crap genre of film-making. Forbidden Planet – a much loved movie, even by people who’ve never seen it – is probably one of the best of them but really, be honest: isn’t it more fun quoting from those godawful films and looking at the quirky stills than actually sitting through one of them? Ok, so you’re a film student, and you’re having some laughs at their total ineptness and feeling a bit superior – but really, shouldn’t they just be consigned to the recycling bin of hist..? oh, wait. that’s the trouble they have.

I must say though, ‘Ed Wood’ was wonderful movie: The worst filmmaker in the world meets Orson Welles in a cafe and they actually feel a creative connection. Woods’ sincere joy in what he’s doing is actually inspiring in itself. In Tim Burton’s and Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Woods, you get the impression that there was nothing cynical about what he was doing. He genuinely loved making those films. it was his passion. Almost like some of those Outsider Art people, his passion wasn’t matched by his ability – but it was a genuine passion none the less. I also enjoyed John Landis’ ‘Amazon Women on the Moon’. His swipes are affectionate.

New game show on telly tonight might be fun: You Have Been Watching. Charlie Brooker takes no prisoners when it comes to the dross that gets forced on the public. I sometimes think the media want to make people stupid, lower their expectations. The lower the critical faculties and expectationss: the easier to please.

Trouble is, you’ll need to watch telly to see it.