ICN Awards – I didn’t win, but I still have the Nomination!

I reflect on my 2015 Webcomic Award Nomination, from Irish Comic News

Jack is thankful for being nominated Best Webcomic 2015, by ICN, even if he didn't win it.

Jack – and I – give thanks, to everyone who voted for Between * Wars as Best Webcomic 2015

Ah well. I was being realistically optimistic about winning the best webcomic 2015 Award for my Between * Wars comic. After all, I’m pretty new on the Irish Comics scene. I only raised by head above the parapet this year and went  out and actually met other creators!


And we all know what happened next, don’t we?

I was bowled-over when I got the nomination from Irish Comic News (ICN), a couple of months ago. It gave me a real boost! Something which I was doing as a hobby – a fun, and much needed creative outlet – had been recognised as worthy of a nomination. I’ve never been nominated for anything. Not even designated driver (I wonder why?)

A cartoon of Jack inviting readers to vote for Between Wars comic

A Voting enticement for Between Wars Comic – for the Irish Comic News Awards 2015

It was also very flattering, in that I only had about 24 pages online at that point. I’m now up to 30, but I  need to get back into a routine of at least 1 per week. There have been a lot of distractions and competing priorities lately.

I didn’t get pushy or start an aggressive campaign to get votes because I hate a hollow victory. It was a gentle invitation on Facebook and Twitter, to anyone who liked the comic and deemed it worthy of a vote, to head over and cast one.

On the very last day – which took me surprise, I just happened to notice that voting was ending that evening, and I put together an image and posted it again on Twitter and Facebook. (See: left)

In the end, I was beaten by an excellent Webcomic called NHOJ: Adventures in Drawing – by John Cullen. It’s nice to be beaten by the best isn’t it?

I love the art style of John’s comics. I wonder sometimes how he does it! It’s a mix of lovely crisp, but lively drawing – done on paper; and natural, painted-looking colour, done in Photoshop. Which is surprising, as it looks like it was done the other way around. As if the drawing is in Illustrator, and the colour is painted in watercolour on paper! Head over and take a look on Tumblr.

A snippet of one of John Cullen's pages. Head over to his site, to see the rest

A snippet of one of John Cullen’s pages. Head over to his site, to see the rest


– Thanks for reading, John White



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