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Like the real thing


Ah… memories

When I started to draw some new comic pages a couple of years ago, it gave me a bit of a shock. How hard it was to do!

When I was a kid, bashing out comics on folded-over A4 sheets in my bedroom – it was just so easy.

Bish – bash – bosh: 30minutes [or less probably] Job  Done!

It wasn’t just the fact that my critical faculties were childish, or that I didn’t plan it in thumbnail form – figure out the layout – the action – the text – the placement of the text – the flow of the action and panels; didn’t care what type of pen I used; didn’t bother with a ruler for the panel frames; no.

It was just that I was happy in myself about the quality of the work. It was all fun, no pressure. Just for me and a few friends.

Wind forward 30+ years! Now, there’s the whole world that must be impressed! Especially with the internet, there’s more competition. You can’t really try to look like a big fish in a small pond anymore. And you’re a proper artist. Which means: Continue reading