Pg. 1: “It’d be soooo… easy!”

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IMG comic page

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So here it is – the very first ever page of the comic! Now I must make sure to do one a week. It’s funny, I did a version of this page about a year ago that took me days and days and DAYS to create. Very detailed, fancy, too complicated stylistically. So it all went on the back-burner. The week before last I tried simplifying things – and succeeded to an extent. But as I coloured away in Photoshop, the embellishments crept in: a shadow here, a skin tone there, here a highlight – there a highlight – everywhere a highlight. Old MacDon…

I’m new to this so I mustn’t expect instant greatness from myself. What will Clive do next we wonder..?

I hope you enjoy my new venture!
– John


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