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Delete Facebook

I finally did it—again. I deleted my Facebook account. This time for good.

“They ‘trust me’ … dumb fucks,”

What a weight off me! I feel freer now. (Be like Elizabeth) Here’s a handy, brief guide to deleting your Data-Vampiric, Surveillance-Capitalist, Bloated-Tick of a Facebook account.

I downloaded all of my Facebook stuff yesterday—only 190 MB—and this morning deleted my account. It’ll take about 90 days for everything to be deleted, but no one can see my profile anymore. But will I track down and contact every single App that ever grabbed my data via Facebook and tell them to delete my data? Unlikely. But it’s better than nothing.


Facebook isn’t just a ‘a bit of fun

“They ‘trust me’ … dumb fucks,” said Zuckerberg, 2004, in one of his instant messages after 4000 people volunteered their personal information. Read more about that, or at least the first 4 sentences of the Guardian article on Deleting Facebook.

Good fecking riddance.