Pg.4: The ‘Incident’

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IMG comic - clive on the phone to a client

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Art Notes

Jamming it all in

I bit off more than I could chew with this page. Remember on the < last page I seem to have learned all of these important nuggets of wisdom via trial and error? You’d think that all the trouble I ended up going to with revisions would have taught me something? Not so.

One thing I learned [and quickly tried to forget…] was not to squeeze loads of panels in. And look at what I did? The result was not so much a bad page, but one that took ages to finish. I have a job 3 days per week so I need to do this comic in a way that I can manage within my schedule as an employee and parent.

sistine chapel ceiling

Left to right: See how Michelangelo started of with small fiddly figures, difficult to see from the ground, and switched to larger more sculptural ones with stronger silhouettes when he realised his error. I believe this was after teh scaffolding was temporarily removed for a special mass that Julius II insisted upon.

I suppose the reason really was that I didn’t want to devote one whole page, just to Clive getting pissed off with his client. So unwilling to do that, and unable to think of a bridging page anyway, between it and the page I’d dreamt up about ‘The Incident’ and the introduction of Pat – I squeezed it all into one page. The result was that I finished virtually all of the inking last Friday [6 days ago] but had to hold off publication for nearly a week until I’d coloured and lettered it all. Just not practical.

On and Off-Model

Clive is still changing his face from one panel to the next but I do like the version of him on the second panel. It’s the kind of cartoony, simplified look that I need to aim for.

The page has its faults to be sure, but that means it can only get better. I decided to put buildings into the last panel and it was harder than I expected. How to do simple buildings that fit the style of the characters and still look good and don’t take forever to draw? In the [terrible] old animated SPIDERMAN TV series – and in some of the comoics, they were often just boxes with arbitrary grids drawn onto them. I should have dug around the web for some inspiration for more than that 5 minutes, instead of banging my head against the wall trying to re-invent the wheel by myself! But, it’s something I’ll have to get top grips with.

Please leave a comment, so I know someone’s reading these things!

– Clive


    • clivethedesigner

      Thanks! But as I said, I may not continue it. It takes more time to produce than I have, so I may turn to doing something simpler in black and white instead.


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