Pg.2: Monday[s]

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So here it is, page 2. Drum-roll…. Ta da!

I hope you were surprised by the twist that this page has taken so soon into the story, and that it strikes a chord w… No, actually. I hope it doesn’t. I hope you like getting up each Monday morning and going to the job you love. There’s nothing quite like going to bed on a Sunday evening with a smile on your face, and springing back out of bed at 7am knowing you’ll be doing fun, interesting work which people will enjoy – especially kids.



There’s such a stylistic difference between this and the < previous one! But, it’s early days yet and I’m still learning.

So much for making things less complicated! Though, believe you me, the style of this is much simpler than my usual work Scum and Villainy ^ and Let Go, Goddamn you! ^. Eventually I’ll get it settled into a style and a working method. I’ll probably even revisit page 1 for the 3rd time – to get it more like this one.

pens for comic drawing

I’ve been muddling along with these

So far, I haven’t settled on the right tools for the job. I’ve used the pens above on Bristol Board but they’re not working very well for me yet. I need a tip thickness between the top 2. And something more permanent.

As for the Brush pen, that needs practice. I drew everything in the thin lines first, then used the brush pen for the thicker ones. Bit of a cheat but it’s pretty common practice. It amazes me how the old school artists did such deft, perfect work with actual brushes. When I was a kid I used biros – or anything I could get my hands on. I never even knew that those guys drew with brushes!

But you know, this may all become academic if I step boldly forth into using Manga Studio and drawing directly, onscreen!

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