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Mr. Ivy OwlTopus

Here’s another artistic/Design process article for you; showing how I created this illustration with pencil, paper and Photoshop. (See more of my illustrations at my portfolio:


My Ivy-Owl-Octopus Chimera experiment!

Where Did the Idea Come From?

I wanted to experiment with pencil drawing – and Photoshop. So: no inks and no graphics tablet for the drawing phase. But what to draw?

The subject idea probably popped into my mind after walking through Knocksink Wood, near Enniskerry, County Wicklow here in Ireland. There was lots of ivy all over the trees, and it reminded me of tentacles (and snakes, which I can’t bear!).

How Did I do it?

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Our 3yr old makes us watch this…

There’s a children’s programme on these days which is just… horrid. It’s called ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’. I can’t even begin to tell you how annoying it is. Johnny likes it – now and again. It’s like 12 horrifying hours of repeated nightmares that you might have had when you were young, enduring a delirious hell-night with brain fever or something. Charlie Brooker tears it apart at 5.53 mins into this:

The rest of his brilliant shredding of bad children’s TV starts at 2.25mins. Don’t watch it from 0.00 as it’s a tribute to the Chuckle Bros.

Pure Gold: 'Peppa Pig'

Pure Gold: 'Peppa Pig'

After watching Pixar movies like an addict since Chrimbo – Johnny discovered the much simpler Peppa Pig and ‘Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom’. Wonderful – genius animated programmes. Seriously, they are pure gold. I like them as much as he does. The design is so simple, the animation so rudimentary (though perfectly executed) it’s a wonder that the characters feel as real and funny as they do. But they do. Amazingly good little films.

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100 quid says: you won’t guess who wrote this

Have you ever thought about your soul – can it be saved?
Or perhaps you think that when you’re dead you just stay in your grave
Is God just a thought within your head or is he a part of you?
Is Christ just a name that you read in a book when you were in school?

When you think about death do you lose your breath or
do you keep your cool?
Would you like to see the Pope on the end of a rope
do you think he’s a fool?
Well I have seen the truth, yes I’ve seen the light and I’ve changed my ways
And I’ll be prepared when you’re lonely and scared at the end of our days

Could it be you’re afraid of what your friends might say
If they knew you believe in God above?
They should realize before they criticize
that God is the only way to love
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Black Humour

Mel Brooks once quipped about the difference between comedy and tragedy:

“Tragedy is when I cut my finger.
Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die.”

Is that ‘Shadenfreude’?

Forget ‘Men in Tights’ – his film ‘The Producers’ is to my mind, the funniest film ever made (except maybe for Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’). Featuring tragic comedy genius Zero Mostel. I say tragic because he was blacklisted during Continue reading

D-Day for the Government

Cowen and Co. say it won’t precipitate a general election but at least we get to give them a good kicking. Who knows though… the Greens might finally do the right thing and walk.

So I’m eagerly anticipating my chance to cast votes tonight. The downside of election day is the absence of media coverage (for good reason) and the wait for the results will be painful.

Whoever you support, go out and vote. You don’t know how hard it was to write that.

Judgement day is coming

Please God, help me get rid of these Bastards... Gosh - thanks!

Please God, help me get rid of these Bastards... Gosh - thanks!

I suppose I should have said “Deliver us from…” but no, I so dislike exaggeration. Ha ha. Many people – both the smart arses and the depressed – often shrug and exclaim:

“What’s the point? I’m not voting for anyone. Sure what difference does it make?”

Then my wife says:

“At least you have a vote. Be grateful – and use it!”

OK, our democracy might not be perfect, yes, it can be manipulated outside of the electorate’s control; but Irish people fought and died for the right to vote (yep, dem lads in de history bewks). Be thankful and perhaps, like me, you’ll look forward – with relish – to giving this shower in government a bloody nose on June 5th.