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* NOTE: This used to be in the Comic section but it’s not really a story or gag strip, so I’ve moved it into the blog to take it out of the comic continuity (getting big ideas about the comic now…)

Heroes 1 – 3. I won’t lie to you, I’ve put very little thought into their personalities and back-stories. You see, I’m trying not to delay things or get over-ambitious like I did with my other now-cancelled webcomic. I want to just get stuck-in. The characters will be a mosaic of various friends that I had, blended with whatever interesting ideas pop into my head as I go along. Who knows? maybe you, the readers will make suggestions based on your own childhood pals, and they’ll go into the mix too?


Shown first, is Jim – he’s Irish and loves Hurling. One of Ireland’s national sports. The Hurley [stick] also doubles as an excellent firearm. He’s a nice thoughtful, articulate sort of fellow and has geekier interests than the majority of his other similarly sporty friends and classmates. He has a bigger imagination than the small countryside village gives him space for. This makes him a perfect chum for…


He’s a blow-in, and he’s very geeky. He likes war, sci-fi, comics, and spends a huge amount of time drawing. He really doesn’t get sport at all, so he’s not very good at it. Still physically active [home computers don’t exist yet], he prefers solitary sports like cycling, swimming and running. He’s always chosen last for football teams. He’s half English and half-Irish. His dog is…


She’s a Cocker Spaniel. She’s a lovely dog, who accompanies the boys on most of their weekend adventures around the surrounding countryside. She never won that dog show she was entered into because she only has one black eye-patch. She doesn’t let this get to her; preferring to occupy her every waking thought on where the next bit of grub is coming from.

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