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I’m still experimenting with a method. Though I do love to look back on the full colour pages, as I said before, I just don’t have the free time to make them.

This new approach almost works, but it’s becoming complicated again. I’d hoped to work in the ink and pencil on paper style, but I still haven’t quite managed to capture that look when it comes into Photoshop. I’m drawing in graphite pencil, inking over in black, ersasing the pencil, then shading with blue pencil. The whole thing is turned into greyscale – including the blue – in Photoshop. I then hopefully have the option at some later date to remove the blue shading from the artwork and go full colour if I want to.

The only trouble is that the blue pencil is rubbish to work with – too hard! And when I change it to greyscale – and maintain the whites and blacks – the pencil washes out and look bitty and messy. I just really don’t fancy going back to doing all of the shading/tones on the computer. On paper I can work fast!

Now, however, as you can see – I’ve ended up adding greys in Photoshop anyway!

So, it’s going to take time to get it right.

Thanks for reading – please leave a comment below?

– Clive


  1. clivethedesigner

    They are indeed Phil. If only we’d listen!
    If the 9 year had seen into the future it would have been a disappointing vision.


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