A new project & moving forward



Having pondered alternatives to venting to friends and family on Facebook about my creative frustrations – I thought it might be a better idea to chart my path into doing more drawing and illustration work, and a new comic/webcomic but in a postive way. To sort of: channel the energy into creativity and action! So it suddenly came to me in a flash on the way home from work this evening:

Why don’t I just set up a Blog? And see where it goes.

When I started one of my jobs a few years ago I had this idea of a webcomic featuring a frustrated artist who’s in some sort of I.T. related career. It was partly inspired by my friend NG who suggested I do something like this, based on my own experiences working in web design. “You’re funny, your artwork is brilliant, why not create something online?”

So I thought about office life and creative people – I thought of a title <img> which is an HTML image tag (yes, I know, borrrrring…) and then it hit me:

Imaginary Machine Gun

Clearly, the acronym or tag ‘img‘ – plus working in design quite naturally makes any normal person think of machine guns 😀 And then I wondered, “Maybe I can put some cartoons or comic strips in here too?” Eventually it might develop into a webcomic. It might even be a much more positive project that the one I originally envisioned which was basically, born out of frustration.

Let’s see where it goes, hopefully we’ll all find it interesting and no one will get committed.

– JW

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