Our 3yr old makes us watch this…

There’s a children’s programme on these days which is just… horrid. It’s called ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’. I can’t even begin to tell you how annoying it is. Johnny likes it – now and again. It’s like 12 horrifying hours of repeated nightmares that you might have had when you were young, enduring a delirious hell-night with brain fever or something. Charlie Brooker tears it apart at 5.53 mins into this:

The rest of his brilliant shredding of bad children’s TV starts at 2.25mins. Don’t watch it from 0.00 as it’s a tribute to the Chuckle Bros.

Pure Gold: 'Peppa Pig'

Pure Gold: 'Peppa Pig'

After watching Pixar movies like an addict since Chrimbo – Johnny discovered the much simpler Peppa Pig and ‘Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom’. Wonderful – genius animated programmes. Seriously, they are pure gold. I like them as much as he does. The design is so simple, the animation so rudimentary (though perfectly executed) it’s a wonder that the characters feel as real and funny as they do. But they do. Amazingly good little films.

More Genius: Ben & Hollys' Little Kingdom

More Genius: Ben & Hollys' Little Kingdom

The music is also excellent: Peppa’s exciting fast-paced intro is all marimbas and glockenspiels and makes you laugh just to hear it; Ben & Holly’s is pizzicato strings and banjos – but done with class and humour. The design is spot on too: simple. What a cop-out word that is. Sounds easy, but it isn’t.

And just to show that Brooker doesn’t only sneer, his programme finished with a warm tribute to the late creator of Children’s favourite classic ‘Bagpuss’ Oliver Postgate.


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