The Simple Life

I must start illustrating these articles at some point – if I ever find the time. Here’s an old one of some years back that might give you a lift! – after my previous gloomy posts.


'Bliss' (Copyright John I. White 1991)

I wouldn’t like to to wax overly sentimental like some sort of Eamon DeValera, but looking at this puts me in mind of the simple life. He actually has a hard life and many worries, especially now, but does he really mind if his car has a 98 reg, that his hair was cut the local barber for a fiver and that there isn’t a Starbucks anywhere near his house?

I love an ad that appears on TV from time to time – who’s it for? – can’t remember – there are a couple of farmers drystonewalling (a marvellous craft) and the wife delivers their lunch to them “who wanted the Sun-dried tomato, olive and Feta on Ciabatta with a cafe latte?” she asks. One of the lads signals it’s his. He even tells someone that he has a pilates session for that evening – on his mobile phone.

I looked at this and thought “How ridiculous. They’re acting like a load of silly, pretentious cosmopolitan girlies”, then I realised that I do stuff like that myself! A very clever pythonesque comic-inversion which surprised me with a change of perspective.

What a silly big-city poof I am.


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